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Veloce Visrin
English Name Veloce Visrin
Age 17[1]
Birthday January 6, 719[1]
Horoscope Capricorn[1]
Gender Female
Eyes Turquoise
Hair White
Professional Status
Occupation Sorceress
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Auresque Visrin (mother) †
Hometown Kronzel City
Kingdom Kronzel
Magic Demon Magic
Webcomic Chapter 1
Image Gallery

Veloce Visrin is a female sorceress who managed to evade prosecution following the Prohibition. However, she is eventually forced to leave Kronzel and then becomes a companion of Keritzel Edelez and Weirin Lin.


Veloce possesses long white hair and hypnotizing blue/green eyes, inherited from her mother, Auresque. However, it has once been commented by an observer that one "only has to look into her eyes, so similar to her mother's, and realize that she is an entirely different person." Veloce wears a mantle covering over white, comfortable clothing, and is sometimes seen carrying a pouch, which presumably contains a bottle of alcoholic substance. She wears a necklace that prevents the malicious presence of demons, and without it, she lacks the strength and ability she normally has.


Veloce is shown to be a solitary person with no desire to mingle with others. She often snarls at people who get too close, and is wary of strangers. During her first meeting with Blackbird, she seems to give up easily, but goaded by Blackbird, during their second meeting, she asks for a 'second chance', though knowing she may lose. This seems to delight Blackbird, and she complies, though she defeats Veloce easily again. Veloce is suspicious and seemingly aloof, but she can show compassion as well, demonstrated when she saves Keritzel from the village bullies.


Very little is known about Veloce's history, although it is revealed from her hostile reunion with Meron that she had once lived a considerably peaceful life with her guardian, Vocruen, when she was a child, until he was banned by the Prohibition. It has been told that her mother had died giving birth to her, and there is no spoken word about her father.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Though young, Veloce is recognized by many as a talented and powerful sorceress. She has impressive control over her magic, though not enough to defeat Blackbird. However, her reactions are quick and she can heal at a rapid speed, although it saps her greatly of energy whenever she channels this ability. She is demon-bound, meaning that she has the ability to communicate and control demon spirits. However, this also leads to her often being bothered by malicious demon spirits, as shown during her travels with Keritzel and Weirin.




Vocruen was Veloce's guardian, mentor, and friend before he was expelled by the Prohibition. It was due to Meron Lantgres's mistake in informing the King of his existence that this happened, and he was forced to depart, leaving Veloce to fend for her own, but she seems to miss him terribly.

Keritzel EdelezEdit

Veloce often acts like she doesn't care about Keritzel, and mocks him for his kind-heartedness, but it appears that she secretly harbors an admiration for his openness and generosity towards strangers.

Weirin LinEdit

Weirin and Veloce don't get along very well, as Weirin thinks of Veloce as 'rude', and Veloce thinks of Weirin as 'annoying'. However, Weirin agrees to help Veloce on her journey due to her loyalty and affection for Keritzel.

Meron LantgresEdit

Though she lived with Veloce for a while, Meron made the mistake of accidentally informing the King of the whereabouts of Vocruen, leading to his expulsion from the country. Because of this, Veloce turns bitter and calls Meron a 'traitor'. Veloce appears to harbor a deep hatred and a feeling of betrayal towards Meron, almost killing her once, but Blackbird intervened and saved Meron, much to everyone's astonishment.


Whimsical, homicidal, and alarmingly cheerful, Blackbird is the source of most of Veloce's nightmares. She has injured Veloce several times, but has yet to kill her. It appears that she is evading Veloce's murder by skirting around her employer's requests, something that Veloce finds suspicious. However, despite her attempted assassinations on Veloce, Blackbird seems determined to bring out a more rebellious and stronger side to Veloce--something that contradicts all of her other actions.

Auresque VisrinEdit

The mother of Veloce she died giving birth to Veloce, though little is known about her.


  • (To Keritzel Edelez) "I'll be fine"
  • (To Keritzel Edelez) "Trust me, if I could rest in peace, I will."



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